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Things that will affect your car insurance quotes

We're all used to having a fast access to car insurance quotes from different providers via the web. This simple thing that we all take for granted these days allows us to shop around for insurance and find more affordable policies for our cars. But having the possibility to shop online isn't the only thing needed for a fruitful comparison shopping, albeit an important one indeed. A basic understanding of the mechanisms involved in the price formation of insurance services is also required as it will help you understand how your decisions or current situation may affect the car insurance quotes you will get from different providers. In other words, it's important to understand the factors affecting your insurance rates to a considerable degree if you really want to use car insurance quotes effectively. And those are the following:

Place of residence

The place you live has a serious impact on your insurance rates on many levels. First, it's the neighborhood that can be associated with a certain theft or break-in risk. Then there's the city or town, which has a level of traffic intensity and collision risk. Then there's the local business activity and insurer competition that will surely affect your rates. And there are also state regulations and requirements that will make your average rates different from those people have in the neighboring states. So keep this in mind when looking for car insurance quotes.

Age, sex and marital status

Your age will affect the quotes to a great degree, especially if you're at the either end of the age spectrum. Being very young or very old usually delivers the highest quotes because of the number of claims filed by drivers of these age groups. Then there's the gender, which implies that women tend to pay less for insurance than men simply because they file fewer claims. And your marital status is also taken into account as singles get more tickets and accidents than married drivers.

Driving record

The only way to determine how good of a driver you are is to look through the driving record, which contains all the violations, tickets, crashes and insurance claims made well since you got your license. The cleaner this document is over a longer period of time the lower your car insurance quotes will be, so try to keep it that way by all means necessary.

Credit score

There are many insurance companies out there that use credit scores as factors for determining the risk associated with insuring a driver. According to their statistical analysis, people with poor scores are more prone to ending up in an accident and filing a claim than the average, while those with higher scores are less prone to doing so. Keep that in mind and try to improve your score if it's possible.

Number of claims

The number of claims you've made with any insurer in the past will seriously affect your car insurance quotes, as no one likes to deal with customers who file many claims. Even if the claim is minor and not your fault, insurers will still charge you more just because you have more claims on your record. And on the contrary, if you manage to avoid filing any claims over a long period of time insurers will be happy to offer you a discount.

Coverage limits

The more you get the more you pay - this is an obvious rule in just any form of purchase, and car insurance is not an exception. If you want to get higher limits and more coverage options get ready to pay up, whereas a basic set of coverage with low limits will usually yield you more affordable car insurance quotes.


Last but probably not the list, the vehicle you're trying to cover will certainly have a weight in how much you will pay for insuring it. Safer cars with good crash test scores, low repair costs and low theft rates will cost less to insure. Powerful and fast vehicles that provoke aggressive driving automatically cost more. Large cars can also cost more to insure because of liability damage to other vehicles. And small cars usually tend to have very poor safety and crash test performance, so they may be not the cheapest option either.

It is unlikely you will get the exact rate include in car insurance quotes. Once you identify the quote you like best, you are required to submit a separate application to the insurer. You will be required to provide details about your existing policy, vehicle registration information, employment, and driving history. During the underwriting process, the insurer will verify your application. There may be errors that could result in higher rates. Additionally, the insurer will use information such as your credit score when calculating your rates. Although your final may be close to the estimated rate provided in quote, it will be different. However, as long as you were honest on your application, the rates should be similar.

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