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How security affects your car insurance quotes

If you've had your share of comparing car insurance quotes throughout the years you probably know how many things will affect your quotes. From apparent things like driving record and car model to seemingly irrelevant things like marital status and credit scores, dozens of factors are being utilized by car insurance providers in order to assess the risk with the highest possible accuracy. But one thing many people seem to forget about is car security, which can also affect your car insurance quotes to a great extent both positively and negatively. And you can actually save some money if you take this variable into account.

Why security matters

First, it's important to understand why car security really matters. There are hundreds of thousands of cars being stolen in the US every year, and more than 50% never get back to their owners. In most cases insurance companies have to cover these losses through comprehensive coverage, which results in billions of dollars in compensations. So it's obvious that the insurers will be very sensitive when it comes to assessing a car's theft risk when calculating car insurance quotes for you. The more likely for the car to get stolen the more you will pay – that's the simple relation governing car insurance pricing. And, naturally, if you manage to keep the risk low you will be able to get cheaper insurance with just any providers.

Things that will improve security

The vehicle's theft risk depends on many factors, some of which you just cannot change. If your local crime rates are higher than average or the particular car model sits in the top of the most stolen vehicles, then you will always have to deal with higher car insurance quotes. However, you can improve the security of your vehicle and thus reduce the theft risk by following these simple steps:

- Always keep your car in the garage and not the driveway

- If you don't have a garage find a paid parking lot to keep the car there

- Always lock your car and don't keep any valuables inside while you're gone

- Equip the car with as many anti-theft devices as possible, both simple and sophisticated

- Install a tracking module or respective software to locate your car if it gets stolen

- Avoid parking your car in dark areas where are a few people around

These simple steps will considerably reduce the risk of your car being stolen. And if you will manage to show proof of following these tips to the insurer you will be able to obtain more affordable car insurance quotes.

Getting better car insurance quotes

So, in order to get better car insurance quotes you have to show the provider that the security of your car is higher than the average. The only way to do this is providing the necessary documentation confirming all the changes you made to the car and the way you store it when unused. For example, you have to show proof that your house has an actual garage and you keep the car there, or that you've installed a new alarm system into the vehicle. All this is just a matter of paperwork but as a result you will be able to get cheaper insurance – isn't it worth bothering with a little hassle?

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